Top 10 Sexiest Females in Kpop

Since being sexy and dressing less is all the rage nowadays, I think a list of sexiest females is necessary. No matter where we look, most girl groups seem to be trying to do the sexy moves. Some fail, some do it well. So who are the sexiest females? Don’t waste another moment and go on to read:




With those long, toned legs and the proportionate body I am sure nobody will disagree that Nana is definitely sexy. Not only is she one heck of a gorgeous female but she is very sexy and oozes a lot of charm. I think there is something different about her which sets her apart from other females in Kpop.




Bora is a member of the group Sistar which has always been criticized for being too sexy. However Bora can definitely pull off the sexy as she showed in both- Sistar and Sistar19 videos. Her figure seems in good shape and her confidence makes even more charming. If I were a guy, Bora would be my ideal type.




Another member of SISTAR makes it on the list! I guess the group really is sexy. Hyorin is not your standard skinny Kpop girl. She has a dark, sexy complexion and a curvaceous body which makes her appealing to so many fans. I think together with Bora in Sistar19 they are one of the hottest in the industry right now.




While I always didn’t like the fact that Suzy has always acted MUCH older than she actually is, I can’t deny that she is sexy. She has actually never seemed like she has been forced to act sexy. She has always seemed quite comfortable despite her age. So who am I to object, right?!


5) CL


CL’s solo song of this year earned her the title of the ‘Baddest Female’ and I couldn’t agree less. She has the sass which requires for any one who is trying to be sexy. Whatever CL does, it works. Including being bad because she really does it with spunk.


6) GA IN


Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls is another girl who has never been shy to show off her sexy side. She can be cute and fierce at the same time. She never feels uncomfortable with her image nor does she ever seem like she is trying too hard. That is why her sexiness works.




This member of SNSD is the main dancer. Whenever she takes center stage, you can’t help but be amazed by her. Her charm attracts people to her and ability to rock on the dance floor makes her one of the sexiest in Kpop.




While I may not find her to be the sexiest, it wouldn’t be fair if she wasn’t given a rank on the list. I understand why she is seen as the sexiest in Kpop (or so her fans claim) but for me she is just sexy not the sexiest. There is something wrong with her videos and of what I’ve seen her. She is naturally sexy and may not need to try THAT hard to show it. Maybe if her moves were toned down a little she would appear naturally sexy and not forcibly so bordering on cheap it would gain her more fans.




I don’t know why, but I’ve always found Ailee to be sexy. She isn’t extraordinary but she makes herself look good in every possible way when she performs on stage. Her enigma and energy draws people to her and that in my opinion makes her sexy. Plus this proves that one can actually be sexy without taking their clothes off.


10) YURI


A lot of online forum discussions reach the conclusion that Yuri is the sexiest in Kpop. I have to say it again- she is sexy but not necessarily the sexiest. I see Yuri as more of a confident pretty female with sexy moves. So yes, she is sexy and hence gets placed on this list.


What do you guys think? Who are the sexiest females according to you?




2 thoughts on “Top 10 Sexiest Females in Kpop

  1. Farella

    HYORIN! Her face is not really pretty but staring down at her body made me question my sexuality. Bora never appealed to me though, despite the fact that everyone adores her, well, I don’t find her attractive.


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