REVIEW: f(x) ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’ MV

Hey y’all!

I was beyond excited for f(x)’s comeback and now they’re REALLY back!

Watch the video here: (credit to SMTOWN)

Let’s not waste another moment and get started on the review for their comeback single ‘Rum Pum Pum Pum’.

This time the video is much more colorful than their videos have ever been. It had so many shocking colors and neon shades that it hurt my eyes. Pretty much. Anyway, the girls have all got new looks for their comeback.


There’s the whole group together. When the teaser came out a couple of days ago, I wasn’t too impressed with their vocals. The song sounded kind of meh. Upon the full listen, I thought it wasn’t that bad. The chorus was strong and catchy. The individual parts were all good. However- is the best work by f(x) till date? Keep reading to find that out.

Let’s first look at the style of all members individually.



That red hair. OMFG! The hair is a complete disaster from my point of view. They tried to make her go for the ‘green eyes, red hair’ look which is known to be a very rare and a very beautiful combination in females. I understand that’s where the inspiration came from. I think this wasn’t the right shade of red for her. She previously had red hair in the MV of Electric Shock which suited her perfectly. This time however: disappointing.

It didn’t look that bad, but it was just painful to look at with this particular outfit:


It seems totally out of place to my eyes. Maybe it would have looked better with a different coat than yellow. Just sayin’.


Here she looks dark and seductive. I love that! She looks so much more mature than before. This video sort of had Krystal everywhere. Like she was the leader, visual AND the main vocalist. She looks cute here.


I got the impression that this video was sexiness combined with girly. Seriously! Look at how sexy these shots seems.


And finally…


She seems to be wearing a bikini/bra top covering every thing with her hair and that shirt/coat kind of thingy. Any way, I rate her look 2.5/5. Not too good and too bad.

  • LUNA


What I noticed while screencapping was that Luna had the least screen time in this video. I feel bad for her because I find her to be the most underrated member of f(x). She’s an amazing vocalist and is always under exposed compared to other members. Anyway, she looks really good. Dark, side-swept hair with a trendy tee and cool pants is typical f(x) style. I loved it.


She also looks mature. This was my favorite look of Luna EVER. The plain, dark hair is really for her. I hope she can get to keep this hair for a long, long time.


I liked the look seen above. I couldn’t find a cap for this or maybe I missed it but the style is really nice. I’d like to know where I can get that tee.


Honestly- what a weird angle. It zoomed by so fast it was difficult to capture. They should have shown her normally rather than upside down because she looks lovely. I give her look a 3/5.



Sulli’s look was so different this time. I love her short hair. ALL of her outfits were perfect and she looked nice.


The shorts and the cap reminded me awfully of To the Beautiful You. Looked like she was back in the drama. LOL. I love it. Looks trendy.


I noticed her hair seemed brown at some places and red at others. In the above shot her hair looks good. That’s the tone of red I would have liked to see on Krystal. Nonethless, it works for Sulli.


I love that T-shirt with ‘Geek’ written on it. I totally see this dress as something perfect for the weather during summers.


That too! Seems more like a combination of different stuff but the fashion was plain awesome. I would gladly give her a 4/5 for this video.



On first look, I thought, “What is this?”. Then I realized I was blind. 😛 Cool outfit #1

Victoria looks lovelier than before. She was always one of the prettiest but now she is DEFINITELY is. I loved, loved, loved her style in this. Every single look was perfect and perfection.


She has definitely lost weight and that shows. I feel bad for idols because they always have to be slim otherwise their popularity suffers. Anyhow, she looks in great shape. Cool outfit #2


Another perfect sunny day outfit! (Who IS the stylist? I love the guy/girl). Cool outfit #3!


This wink is just for fun. I like the messy hair too. It’s been done well. BTW what killer earrings!


She’s been given a decent “weird” shot. *hint* A feast for the boys here. It was just totally done that way on purpose. Anyway, cool outfit #4 or 5?


I’m sorry for the lousy cap but I liked the outfit so much. Best for wearing at the beach side. I would probably pair it with a cool pair of flipflops is all. I rate her look 5/5.



Amber looks really pretty in this video and I’m not kidding. At this shot, I thought for a second that she had turned girly. Then I realized I was being overly imaginative.


I don’t like this hair on Amber and never have. Blonde looks okay on her but this particular way of styling is a big NO for me.


*gasp* Oh my pretties. She totally looks cute here. No kidding. She’s a total tomboy one second and the next, some sort of hidden girl leaps out of her. Oh, right. She is a girl. A pretty one at that. Orange is a cool color for her. It works.


The middle part isn’t very flattering but she still looks good. Nice, subtle fashion for a tomboy. Nothing too extraordinary.


*gasps again* Oh my pretties, holding a faux flower. Totally kidding (or not). I love her eye make up here. Cool!


I have to mention this. What a cool hip hop sorta outfit. I wouldn’t ever wear this but this style is so typically Amber, I can’t help but melt. Aww. I rate her 3.5/5 for being cool as always.

Enough of the style, let’s review the MV!


Typical f(x), with hints of SHINee and SNSD thrown in. It was loudly screaming ‘SM Entertainment’ all over. Nice concept, safe and works well. (pun intended) Nothing done out of the box since still in the box any way. As I said- it works. Good enough.

I however, could not guess the meaning of the song without looking at the translation.



Their vocals seemed good enough to me. I think the chorus was a very strong point of the whole song. At times during the solo parts, Krystal’s voice seemed weaker in comparison to others. I used to never be fond of Sulli’s parts but her lines were well sung. It sounded like ‘Girls’ Generation makes you feel the heat’. I swear! After that the song takes a complete different turn. I suppose it’s the same set of producers for all SM groups. The same stuff keeps getting recycled and then presented freshly.

I always thought f(x) songs were fresh and original. This does seem fresh but not too original. Kpop starts becoming redundant, I guess after being used it for so long. However, I think this is a solid track. It seems a bit of a risk because it falls somewhere in between bold, sexy and cute.

Let’s see how the fans will react to it.


I think the dance moves were great. They were the most original aspect of the whole MV. I don’t ever recall such moves from f(x) in their previous MVs. They always come up with some thing new. I still always wish they let Victoria dance more since she’s seriously good.


Even if not their strongest comeback yet, nevertheless a memorable one. Compared to the best stuff they pulled very early on in their career it would be very difficult to keep it going. I believe it is not possible to maintain the same quality over the years. It tend to go on the down side but I can surely say that f(x) has remained where it always was even if it did not reach higher. Great song, decent MV and great styles. This is one of the best comebacks of this this year so far. I hope the song grows on me more and more. I can say it has an addictive quality to it and just keeps getting better with every listen.



Interview with an SM Trainee: Was he real or fake?

Obviously, it’s pretty lame to advertise oneself as an SM Trainee on ANY website. I am pretty sure it would never be allowed. Plus, giving out your private information seems pretty fishy. That is definitely something only a poser or a faker would do, or so I think. So I tracked down this guy and added him on Skype to get some inside information on Kpop, idols, SM- anything. He did chat for pretty long and some of the answers seemed fine while others definitely made it obvious he was fake. Though I want to be sure that he was fake.

I am not going to reveal his name. The name you see ‘Sam’ is also fake. This is just the conversation that took place between us.

He had some stuff to tell me. It was interesting even if he was a fake. Read on if you’re interested and give a crap.  If he was real- oh gosh. -_-















Strange, weird conversation right? I didn’t re-read as I posted this. I may have been rude to him or whatever. I didn’t care much. I just needed INFO and gossip.

Hope you enjoyed. xo